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Local bakery sees massive drop during busy Easter season due to COVID-19

The Bake Shoppe is trying to keep a positive attitude and keep busy during this difficult time.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa — As we get closer to easter, some businesses should be picking up. 

But due to COVID-19, they're slowing down.

Local 5's Matthew Judy shows us what an 80 percent drop in business could look like at one local business. 

At The Bake Shoppe in Windsor Heights, all signs point to Easter. 

"Typically on Easter this lobby is full of people from the time we open until the time we close," owner David Stark said. 

But not this year. Bakeries are taking a hit just like everyone else. 

"Our orders are way down. We might have, oh I'm going to say that last year we had over 300 hundred orders," Stark said. 

That's just on the day before Easter. 

But this year, it looks to be a completely different story. 

"Our business will be down as much as 80 percent this year. All the churches are closed and I don't think families are getting together on Easter," Stark said. 

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Now Stark has had to up his deliveries and his precaution. 

"Everybody is very health conscious and our sanitation has improved 100 percent,' Stark said. 

But what is usually the stores biggest day, could turn out half baked. 

The bakery wanted to point out that it is not all doom and gloom.

They're still open for business and are keeping a positive mindset. 

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