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Axne addresses access to broadband internet at round table

People are relying on the internet more than ever before during this pandemic.

ADEL, Iowa — More Iowans working from home means more demand for broadband internet. 

Representative Cindy Axne (D) - Iowa addressed this problem in Adel on Tuesday. 

Axne held a round table to talk about the need to expand broadband internet access.

She expects to put forth legislation in the House next week addressing the issue.

She said during the coronavirus pandemic, resources like this are now crucial to have at home no matter where you live.

"If you want to continue, quite honestly, to hold communities captive for your bottom line, that's just not acceptable any longer because that is truly, truly at the expense of the future of this country and truly at the expense of the future of our children," Axne said. 

Officials from the Adel Chamber of Commerce, public library, and school district all took part while maintaining social distancing.

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