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What does 'funnel week' mean in the Iowa Legislature?

Monday marked the beginning of "funnel week" when Iowa lawmakers make their final pushes to get their bills through the legislative process.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Monday marked the first day of funnel week at the Iowa State Capitol, but what does "funnel week" mean? 

It's a weeding out process where only the bills with the most support get to pass through, therefore keeping the legislative process moving forward. 

By Friday, all bills must be voted out of their Senate and House committees and sent to the full chamber. Bills that don't make it out of committee are essentially dead, meaning lawmakers won't have an opportunity to vote on them. 

That means bills that you may have heard about, and had a strong reaction to, may not have a chance at becoming a law. 

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There are exceptions to funnel week. 

Appropriations bills, ways and means bills and government oversight bills can move forward at any point during the legislative session. 

Essentially, any bill that deals with money or funding can move through the process whenever. 

The bills that survive funnel week have cleared the next hurdle in becoming law in Iowa. 

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