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Hardin joins Jasper County as Second Amendment sanctuary. Now, Madison County sheriff, attorney demand the same.

The Hardin County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution Wednesday morning making the county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

HARDIN COUNTY, Iowa — The State of Iowa has two Second Amendment sanctuary counties as of Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday morning, the three-member Hardin County Board of Supervisors' unanimously approved agenda item number 9, a "Resolution Declaring Hardin County A Second Amendment Sanctuary County."

The resolution came just a day after Jasper County voted to become the state's first Second Amendment sanctuary county.

Madison County officials announced Wednesday morning they're also requesting their board of supervisors pass the same resolution.

In a press release, Madison County Sheriff Jason Barnes said, "I took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States and the State of Iowa. That includes the Second Amendment."

Madison County Attorney Matt Schultz, the previous Iowa Secretary of State, said, "I am a gun owner and I believe that it is important to send a strong message to the citizens of Madison County that their Chief Law Enforcement Officials support their right to bear arms."

Barnes and Schultz said their proposed resolution can be found at the Iowa Firearms Coalition's website. IFC is the gun rights group pushing the issue in Iowa. 

In fact, both Jasper County and Hardin County lifted their resolutions word-for-word from IFC's proposed resolution. Jasper County dropped one line from IFC's, which quoted the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

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