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Gov. Reynolds signs criminal justice bill into law

HF2647 passed unanimously through the Iowa Legislature on Thursday night.

DES MOINES, Iowa — After passing through the Legislature unanimously Thursday night, a bill to enact criminal justice reform in Iowa will be signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds. 

HF2647 would, among other things: 

  • Ban most police chokeholds in Iowa
  • Make it illegal to rehire police fired for misconduct
  • Allow the Office of the Attorney General to investigate police misconduct (rather than only county attorneys)

"It's simply gut-wrenching to hear the feelings of fear that so many people of color experience on a day-to-day basis and the sense they have that justice is not applied equally or fairly," Reynolds said.

"This bill is a loud and resounding signal from the people of Iowa and its leaders that we are ready and willing to act."

Activists stood behind Reynolds during the signing, chanting "Black Lives Matter" and "Let them vote."

The Des Moines chapter of Black Lives Matter said Friday they met with Reynolds, "urging her to sign an executive order to restore voting rights to all Iowans."

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