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Tale of Two Rallies: Sides clash in Des Moines following president-elect Biden's victory

The events couldn't be more differentβ€” one favoring the projected winner of the presidency, and the other baselessly claiming the election results are fraudulent.

DES MOINES, Iowa β€” Saturday morning, the Associated Press projected former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. 

Before the results were announced, supporters President Donald Trump organized "Stop the Steal" events at capitols across the country, even in Des Moines. 

This group, which was banned from Facebook for sowing violence, falsely claimed Democrats are stealing the election from Republicans. 

Dozens of supporters gathered at the steps of the Iowa Capitol Building donning Trump flags, American flags and their own signs to protest against the presidential vote count. 

Many of the supporters weren't wearing masks or attempting to social distance

Tensions were high at the event when a few teenagers popped in to challenge the Trump supporters. 

Down the block, another rally was held for Biden supporters, called "Count Every Vote." This event showed a different side of Des Moinesβ€” more masks were worn and rally-goers were socially distancing themselves from one another. 

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