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Local restaurant revamps business model to stay busy during pandemic

The pandemic has caused many businesses to get creative to stay afloat.

DES MOINES, Iowa — We've seen local businesses do different and creative things to keep running during the pandemic. 

Local 5 spoke with one local restaurant on how they had to pivot to a new restaurant model.

Local restaurants have had to change the way they do business completely due to the pandemic. 

At Harbinger, they decided it was time to open another restaurant, within a restaurant, and they're only selling one item: Korean fried chicken.

It's the only main item on Basic Bird's menu.

Lets break it down. 

Harbingers hasn't opened their doors to seating 100 percent just yet. 

So they decided to get creative to keep business running by opening up a new menu called Basic Bird.

"We'll keep Basic Bird going until Harbinger can start seating diners the way we feel we were able to before," chef and owner Joe Tripp said. "In the meantime, Basic Bird will be there to help us along the way."

He said a single concept menu makes it easier to control what's going on in his restaurant during the pandemic.

With being one of the only single concept menu restaurants in town, Harbingers Basic Bird is doing well.

"Probably about 50 orders on a weekend," Joe said. 

Make this weekend special! Grab up one of our few tables for our weekly tasting menus and celebrate in style. We only seat 25 people each Friday and Saturday so book well in advance by emailing us at harbingerdsm@Gmail.com and hey if you don't feel safe dining in with us quite yet....we get it.

They're actively looking to put Basic Bird in its own location.

"I think this type of thing is going to hit the food scene more as we progress forward," Joe said. 

Right now, they are only doing takeout except for on Friday's and Saturday's.