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Maddie Poppe moves into Top 7 on ‘American Idol’

Maddie Poppe is going on to the Top 7 on “American Idol”

Maddie Poppe is going on to the Top 7 on “American Idol”

Local 5 has been following the Clarksville native on her journey throughout the spring, and on Sunday night she got America’s votes once again.

Sunday night was “Disney Night”—Poppe was first up on the show and performed “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s The Jungle Book.

Local 5’s Jack Miller talked with Poppe just a few weeks before her journey to Hollywood.

When we visited Poppe at her home in Clarksville, Iowa, she didn’t really have a sense of just how big her music career was about to get. 

She knew she had a sense of just how big her music career was about to get. She knew the judges really liked her after her initial audition.

Poppe knew she had one strong ally in Lionel Ritchie, who has a big fan of hers early on.

“I think out of the three judges he probably likes me the most. Just the stuff he says is very genuine and down to earth. Very nice guy, very complimentary– to hear such great things from someone who’s such a hug name and had so much success and been in the music industry his whole life,” Poppe said.

Local 5’s Jack Miller interviewed Poppe in her basement recording studio built by her dad in Clarksville. She’s lived in the home her entire life. Just a simple Iowa girl, she describes some early embarassing moments with the judges.

“They have a paper or bio on me with my story and Luke asks me how it feels to be in the big city when you’re from Iowa? And the first thing that came to my mind was ‘I don’t know why but like the movie Elf was filmed here, and I thought, oh did I just say that?!'”

But the awkwardness faded fast as Poppe continued to wow the judges with performances they loved.

What the judges love most about her is that she’s staying true to herself as an artist. 

“There’s people who go on these shows and want to be the next Mariah or Kati or Brandi Carlisle. That’s great, but I really think you need to be something new. I don’t know like, the first Maddie Poppe.”