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Madison County supervisors put an end to wind and solar development

Property owners in the county feel the Board of Supervisors stripped them of their property rights by ending wind and solar energy development.

WINTERSET, Iowa — Property owners in Madison County said they feel as though the Board of Supervisors stripped them of their property rights. 

Supervisors put an end to wind and solar energy development in the county, which property owners were taking advantage of. 

The board created a cap of 51 wind turbines for the entire county. The county already has 51 turbines installed. 

The Neal family told Local 5 they wanted to diversity what's on their land and wind turbines are clean and renewable. 

"The real reason they don't want the wind turbines is in the title of their organization. The preservation for the scenic beauty of Madison County. So, what that means is they don't like the way they look," said Steve Neal. 

"They're all for the tourism. There's nothing wrong with tourism, but we live here too. We live here 24/7," said Jody Neal.

Mid-American Energy has filed a lawsuit against the Madison County Board of Supervisors. 

Local 5 reached out to the board for comment. They declined to comment, saying it's not appropriate to discuss pending litigation. 

Supervisor Heather Stancil, a Republican, posted the following to her Facebook page about the lawsuit: 

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