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Northern Iowa farmers preparing for the worst, hoping for the best in upcoming harvest

It's just been one thing after another this year for Iowa farmers.

OGDEN, Iowa — Fall harvest is underway in Iowa. 

Farmers to the north are prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best. 

Local 5 went to Ogden to find out what farmers are seeing as they kick things off.

After a 'normal' start for the 2020 crop, the pandemic arrived as planting season wrapped up, then severe drought conditions, followed by the derecho.

Just outside Ogden, Dan Plahn is four days into harvesting beans.

It will be another couple weeks before corn harvest really gets underway. 

The expectation from a number of farmers in the area is anywhere from 10-30% less crop per bushel compared to last year. 

At this point, they're just hoping they can get the corn picked up. 

Dan has already cut his losses in some fields that couldn't be salvaged from storm damage.

Another change this year from COVID-19 is the process of delivering grain to the local co-op.

As things really pickup in rural iowa, a reminder to keep your speeds down on county roads, especially on hills. 

Give these farmers room to get work done and be very careful when trying to pass large tractors and combines from now into early December. 

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