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Out-of-state lawfirm to defend new abortion law

STATEHOUSE – The state will hand over the reigns to a Chicago law firm to defend Iowa's new abortion law.

The state’s executive council met at the statehouse and voted in favor of allowing the Thomas More Society to defend the state’s new fetal heartbeat abortion ban.

The ACLU of Iowa is suing the Governor and the Iowa Board of Medicine saying the law is unconstitutional.
The state treasurer made sure the outside legal counsel will defend the case for free, at no cost to taxpayers.

Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald said, “I just wanted to make sure there’s no cost, no expenses to the state, or at least know ahead of time. All the taxpayers should know what this costs us. There’s no cost whatsoever.”

The Attorney General of Iowa decided not to defend the case against the abortion law.  That’s why the Thomas More Society came forward. A contract between the state and the law firm is expected in the next couple of days.