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Polk County supervisor: Mental health a big concern during coronavirus outbreak

Supervisor Angela Connolly says she's worried anxiety among residents will "spike" as the coronavirus crisis continues.

POLK COUNTY, Iowa — Mental health is one of the biggest issues Polk County leaders are worried about as COVID-19 continues to spread across Iowa.

The Polk County Board of Supervisors wants residents to know that being aware of mental wellness is just as important as being aware of COVID-19.

Supervisor Angela Connolly believes that anxiety will "spike" due to COVID-19 concerns. 

"People are more isolated. They are feeling more anxiety whether they have lost their job or the isolation being at home whether alone or just the two of them its just all kinds of factors because we are getting phone calls," Connolly said. "And, I’m worried about all that anxiety that people are up against."

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Connolly also wants residents to know that they can get healthcare without going to a clinic with questions through Telehealth.

"You can do it on the phone. You can do it by video. There are many people willing to help you get through what ever type of situation or crisis you are in for your mental wellness," Connolly explaind. "That is why teletherapy is so important."

Make sure you check with your primary healthcare provider for more information on access to Telehealth. 

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