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READ: Timeline of Amber Garrison’s alleged kidnapping

ADAIR COUNTY — Local 5 has confirmed this timeline of the New York woman who was allegedly kidnapped in Pennsylvania and later located in Adair County on August...
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ADAIR COUNTY — Local 5 has confirmed this timeline of the New York woman who was allegedly kidnapped in Pennsylvania and later located in Adair County on August 31.

Mid-July: Garrison last seen by mother, kidnapped

Amber Garrison of Smyrna, New York was last seen by her mom, Lisa Younis, on July 19.

Adair County court documents say that Garrison made contact with James Scott Smith, Jr. of Mexico, New York. They met through the Plenty of Fish dating app around July 20.

Authorities say the meeting was consensual. Garrison stated that Smith Jr. had picked her up at a truck stop in Pennsylvania.

Court documents say once inside his semi, she wasn’t allowed to leave. Smith Jr. would not let her use her cellphone or contact her family.

August 9: Garrison reported missing

According to the New York State Police Younis reported her missing on August 9. Younis hadn’t seen her daughter in three weeks, but told authorities that wasn’t uncommon.

Mid-August: Messages saying Garrison ‘wasn’t missing’

According to New York State Police, Garrison or someone on her Facebook account messaged Younis around August 17. The initial message said Garrison’s car was at a McDonald’s in Pennsylvania.

Younis received more messages to take down posts about Garrison being missing on August 19.

Court documents from Adair County say Smith Jr. realized that Garrison was listed as a missing person in New York. He told her to call her mother and say that she wasn’t missing. Smith Jr. also told her to email a New York trooper to say she wasn’t missing. There is no specific date reported for these instances.

August 31: Garrison calls 911

Stuart Police say Garrison started calling 911 on August 31 at 9:50 a.m. Several calls were made, however, the Adair County deputy that responded to the area was unable to locate the exact location and source.

Court documents say Smith Jr. realized Garrison was calling the police after her third attempt. Smith Jr. allegedly terminated the call. Garrison says he held her in the semi cab against her will for about an hour, threatening her with a knife.

The court documents also say a female voice asking someone to “drop the knife” can be heard on the 911 calls.

After promising she wouldn’t call the police, Smith Jr. let her out of the cab.

The Stuart Police Department press release says their officers had not been notified of these initial calls until they were dispatched to Garrison’s 911 call from inside the Casey’s Store at 12:44 p.m.

Police came into contact with Garrison at Casey’s. Reports say she had numerous visible injuries. She was transported to the Adair County Hospital for treatment soon after.

Chief David Reha of the Stuart Police Department says Smith Jr. and Garrison had been in Stuart for about two weeks. Smith Jr., according to authorities, had an issue with his driver’s license and was unable to drive.

A search warrant was conducted of the semi and evidence was discovered. Smith Jr. has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree harassment, domestic assault with a weapon, and obstruction of emergency communication.