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What are the 'non-essential' businesses still open?

With many businesses around Iowa closed, some are going to stores to find ways to keep busy.

For now, many businesses that you may consider non-essential like craft-stores and home improvement stores are staying open.

But as Local 5's Eva Andersen found out, some still consider them essential to be able to pass the time.

Being cooped up at home when you're staring at your walls and furniture you start to think how you can improve the area.

At least that's the case for many we spoke with today.

Jamie Hennick works in construction. So trips to Home Depot aren't rare.

But with his construction jobs dwindling during the pandemic Monday's trip was for his own home improvement.

"Something to do while you're stuck at home. Since there ain't much else to do now with all this going on," Hennick said. 

Just a day after Governor Kim Reynolds ordered the closure of more businesses like tattoo shops and hair salons, many non-grocery retail stores are still remaining open.

"Limit your time away from home to trips for essentials, like groceries, medications, and necessary supplies," Reynolds said. 

To Nery Penate, a trip to Home Depot is essential.

He's a carpet cleaner and Monday a client needed a mass clean due to COVID-19. 

"He need clean all rooms in whole house. When we go to the house we gotta cover, put on gloves and everything," Penate said. 

But down the road, Sarah Clark considers her yarn almost an essential. 

"We decided to stop at Michael's with all the self isolation stuff going on," Clark said. 

She was laid off due to the pandemic. 

Hanging onto a hobby is the only thing keeping her afloat.

"I don't know how my paycheck is going to look from there, so stock up while I can and make the best of it," Clark said. 

Katie said while she loves the opportunity to still stop into Michaels, she feels it wouldn't be a bad idea for it to be next on the type of businesses to close because it doesn't carry home essentials or cleaning supplies, unlike Home Depot.