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What bills are still alive at the statehouse?

Senate Republicans are happy many of their legislative priorities are seeing progress
Credit: Local 5

DES MOINES, Iowa — Felon voting rights, Medicaid work requirements, and several other major legislative priorities have made it through funnel week and are eligible for debate on the Iowa Senate floor.

It's funnel week at the statehouse. That means that if a bill doesn't make it past a committee, it is effectively dead in the legislature. 

On Thursday, Sen. Majority Leader Jack Whitver congratulated his team for making progress on a number of legislative priorities for the 2020 session.

“The priorities of the Iowa Senate Republicans have cleared the first legislative hurdle and will continue to move through the legislative process,” said Whitver. “The results of more than 2 years of unemployment below 3% and rising wages have validated our agenda. We will continue to implement policies that reward work and investment, protect life, and eliminate burdens to economic growth.”

Whitver’s remarks focused specifically on the following 12 bills. Each bill has either passed at the committee level, passed the floor of the Senate, or was signed by the governor.

Senate File 2272 – Real time eligibility verification for welfare benefits

Senate Joint Resolution 2001 – Life amendment

Senate Joint Resolution 2002 – Only US Citizens may vote in Iowa elections

Senate File 2129 – Felon voting rights statutory bill

Senate File 2338 – Medical liability reform

Senate File 155 – Mobile barbering legalization

Senate Study Bill 3158 – Medicaid work requirements

Senate File 2144 – Flood relief supplemental appropriation

Senate File 2114 – Occupational licensing reform

Senate File 2190 – Student behavioral management

Senate File 2262 – Empower Rural Iowa

Senate File 2314 – Future Ready Iowa

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