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Melting face, pregnant man highlight 37 newest incoming emojis

The Unicode Consortium, responsible for emojis, said the new characters would be available sometime next year.

WASHINGTON — Pretty soon you won't have to write out full sentences ever again. The Unicode Consortium, which is the governing body over emojis unveiled the newest batch of characters coming soon to phones and computers earlier this month. 

As a part of the latest Unicode update, phones and tablets will receive 37 additional emojis, bringing the grand total to just over 3,600. The new set includes 17 emojis for different faces, hands and people, including a pregnant man and pregnant person; two hands making a heart; a "melting" face and an incredibly intimidating "index pointing at the viewer," just to name a few. On the quasi-human side of things, the new update also includes a big green troll emoji.

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Unicode isn't just responsible for emojis though. It processes hundreds of thousands of characters from many different languages, for users to be able to use and view them on electronic devices. 

Also included in this update is support for 14 rarely used languages from around the globe, including Vithkuqi, which is used to write the Albanian language, Old Uyghur, which is used to write several languages in Central Asia, and more.

The full list of added characters can be found on the Unicode Consortium's website, and all the incoming emojis can be seen here.

The Unicode Consortium says these updates will come out "sometime next year," but doesn't get any more specific than that. 

And if the thousands of emojis already out aren't enough, you can always submit a proposal for a new emoji, but there are a lot of criteria.