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Republicans expand majority in Iowa Legislature

97 of Iowa's 99 counties are now represented by a Republican in either the House or Senate.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Polls in Iowa closed at 9 p.m. Tuesday. Complete election results can be found at this link or by texting VOTE to 515-457-1026

All results are unofficial until the Iowa Secretary of State certifies them as official.

Iowa's state government will remain in Republican control following the 2020 general election. 

Democrats had the potential to flip the House this year, but came up short, with Republicans even picking up some of their seats:

  • Brooke Boden, House District 26
  • Garrett Gobble, House District 38
  • Eddie Andrews, House District 39
  • Steve Bradley, House District 58
  • Chad Ingels, House District 64
  • Cherielynn Westrich, House District 81
  • Martin Graber, House District 83

Republicans expanded their House majority to 59-41, and have 32 spots in the Senate with one race, Senate District 30, still to be called as of Wednesday night. 

"We're going to have 14 new members flip seven seats, so I feel really good about where we are coming out of the election," Iowa Speaker of the House Pat Grassley, R-New Hartford, said.

Both parties spent more than $1 million in ads for key House districts and Senate races.

Tuesday night's results mean the statehouse will remain in GOP control, and force Democrats to reconnect with their constituents.

"Until Democrats start talking about issues that matter to people and their lives every day, all day, throughout the years, we are going to keep seeing these every two years," said Pete D'Alessandro, a Democratic analyst. "We're going to have to keeping fighting these battles and hope you can hang on."


WATCH: Full interview with Iowa Speaker of the House Pat Grassley, R-Dike

Live election results are also available at this link.

Key Senate races

Senate District 20 (Urbandale)

Sen. Brad Zaun, R-Urbandale, will keep his seat following Tuesday's election. Zaun claimed 51.13% of the votes. His Democratic challenger Rhonda Martin claimed 48.87% of the vote. 

Zaun was first elected to the statehouse in 2004.

Senate District 22 (West Des Moines)

Democrat Sarah Trone Garriott claimed this seat Tuesday night with 51.13% of the votes. The seat was up for grabs for both parties this election since Sen. Charles Schneider, R-West Des Moines, is planning to retire.

Republican Scott Cirksena, current mayor of Clive, lost the seat with just 49.82% of the votes. 

Senate District 42 (Mt. Pleasant)

Sen. Rich Taylor, D-Mt. Pleasant, lost his seat against Republican challenger Jeff Reichman. Reichman toppled Taylor, bringing in nearly 60% of the vote in the district. 

The area trends Republican, however, it was dubbed as one of Iowa's pivot counties

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Key House races

House District 37 (Ankeny)

Rep. John Landon, R-Ankeny, is keeping his seat following Tuesday's election. He defeated his Democratic challenger Andrea Phillips with 53.22% of the vote. 

House District 55 (Decorah)

Rep. Michael Bergman, R-Decorah, is also keeping his seat following the election. He won the race against Democratic Challenger Kayla Koether with 54.35% of the vote. 

House District 67 (Cedar Rapids)

Democrat Eric Gjerde claimed this House seat Tuesday night with 53.25% of the vote. He ran against Ashley Hinson and lost back in 2018.

His Republican opponent Sally Ann Abbott lost with just 46.75% of the vote.

House District 82 (Fairfield)

Rep. Jeff Shipley, R-Fairfield, will keep his seat following a close race against Democrat Phil Miller. Shipley won with 50.55% of the vote. 

Shipley has come under fire for his anti-vaccination comments as well as negative remarks about Iowans that have died from the coronavirus. 

House District 91 (Muscatine)

Republican Mark Cisneros claimed victory for this vacant seat Tuesday night. He won the race with 57% of the vote. He is the first Latino Iowan to win a House seat. 

Democrat Kelcey Brackett lost with 43% of the vote. 

House District 94 (Bettendorf)

Incumbent Rep. Gary Mohr, R-Bettendorf claimed victory over his seat Tuesday night with 55% of the vote. His Democratic challenger Marie Gleason lost with 45% of the vote. 

House District 95 (Cedar Rapids)

This vacant seat will belong to Republican Charlie McClintock come January. McClintock beat Democrat Christian Andrews with 54% of the vote. 

LOOK: A map of Iowa's House Districts for the 88th General Assembly

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