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How does Iowa keep dead people from voting?

If you die after casting your ballot but before Election Day in Iowa, your vote will not count.

There is a lot of misinformation going around social media about the 2020 election regarding who voted and where the ballots went.

Let's take a look at how Iowa maintains its voter rolls and ensures dead people didn't cast their ballot on Nov. 3.

The state is part of a multi-state compact called the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC. It is aimed at improving voter rolls and increasing voter registration.

ERIC uses information from other states along with Iowa to identify voters inside and outside the state, recently deceased voters and duplicate registrations.

Additionally, Iowa county auditors communicate with the public health department on a regular basis, getting information on Iowans who have recently died so they can ensure people who are no longer with us don't vote.

Another rule to keep in mind: If you die after casting your ballot in Iowa, your vote is not counted.

Local 5 has not heard of any reports of dead Iowans voting in this election.

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