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Sitting down with former Rep. Steve King, checking in with Justyn Lewis, talking infrastructure in Iowa | 'This Week in Iowa'

Sabrina Ahmed talks to Steve King about his tell-all book, Justyn Lewis about his post-election plans and the DOT about what the infrastructure bill means for Iowa.


Bipartisan infrastructure bill impact in Iowa

On "This Week in Iowa" Sabrina Ahmed talks to the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) about what improvements will come to the state from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

"It provides additional funding both for highways and bridges, also our transit system in the state of Iowa, our public aviation system and even some potential improvements to the waterway system," said Stu Anderson with the DOT. "In total over the 5-year period its about $3.8 billion just for the road and bridge system in the state." he said.

Anderson said all 99 counties will receive some of this funding.

Justyn Lewis on election loss

Justyn Lewis lost the election for the Des Moines City Council at-large seat to incumbent Connie Boesen, but he still said it's a win for the community.

"As a first time candidate, you don't see someone typically running an at-large seat in general, but also obtaining 8,000 votes and coming very close to a win, so I'm very happy with our performance," Lewis said. "This is infrastructure for the next election."

Lewis said he has plans to run in the next election, but did not specify which race.

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Steve King publishes tell-all book

Former congressman Steve King has been quiet since losing to Randy Feenstra in last year's primary, but he doesn't hold back in his new book, Walking Through the Fire; My Fight for the Heart and Soul of America.

"The story had to be told," King said. "I was the most hated man in America for months, maybe I still am I don't know, but I'm not listening to them anymore."

King said he couldn't tell the story without going after Republican leadership, including Kevin McCarthy.

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