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Absentee ballots are on the way, here's what you should know

Monday, Oct. 5 marks the first day of early voting in Iowa.

IOWA, USA — Early voting begins Monday, Oct. 5 in Iowa, so let's answer some last-minute questions about absentee voting.

Can you request an absentee ballot over email?

No. You have to drop off an absentee ballot request form in person or mail it to your local county auditor by Oct. 24. 

What if you lost your absentee ballot?

You can request another one. And remember, you can track your absentee ballot online.

How soon will you receive your ballot after your submit your request?

County auditors have 24 hours to mail out your ballot once they get your request.

Can you pick up an absentee ballot for someone else?

No. The ballot goes to the address of the voter.

Does an absentee ballot you get in the mail need to be returned the same way?

No. Your absentee ballot can be returned in person or by mail. Return postage is paid.

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