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Answering your questions about Iowa's absentee ballot secrecy envelopes

If you open your absentee ballot packet, you'll see a secrecy envelope and an envelope with an affidavit signature. Don't forget to sign the affidavit.

With thousands of Iowans voting absentee—either in-person or at home—Local 5 wants you to know the right things to do and make sure your vote is counted.

Inside your mailed absentee ballot packet will be something called a Secrecy Sleeve. These are also labeled as "Secrecy Envelopes."

You'll get one included in the items sent by your county auditor if you signed up to vote absentee.

All you need to do is put your completed ballot inside the secrecy envelope and then seal that inside the affidavit envelope.

Something a lot of voters forget to do is sign the affidavit envelope before they mail it back or drop it off.

Credit: WOI
Be sure to sign the AFFIDAVIT ENVELOPE before sending back your absentee ballot.

Don't forget to do that. 

If you don't, the county auditor's office will call you and ask you to sign it so your vote is counted. That sealed affidavit envelope won't be opened until the Monday before the election. 

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