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How you can work at the polls this November

Most of Iowa's poll workers are older and more susceptible to the coronavirus— here's a look at how you can step up to keep them safe this year.

IOWA, USA — There are around 10,000 poll workers in Iowa, but most of them are getting older. That means they are more at risk of getting severely ill from the coronavirus

To keep vulnerable poll workers healthy, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is calling on younger Iowans to step up and work at the polls this November.

"We need those younger people to step up, and many of them did during the primaries. We recruited over 1,000 new people back then, and we're seeing success in doing that right now," Pate said. 

Working at the polls is a one-day commitment, and workers get paid for it. If you're interested in stepping up, fill out this form on the SOS's poll worker website. 

After filling out the form, the SOS's office will send it to your county auditor who will then get in contact with you.  Filling out the form doesn't mean you immediately get the job. 

If you want to streamline the process, head over to your county auditor's website to find out more. A list of county auditors can be found by clicking/tapping here

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