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Verify Your Vote: Answering top Iowa election questions

Local 5 is breaking down the Iowa Constitutional amendment ballot option, voting absentee and early voting deadlines to know.

Click/tap here to access Local 5's Voter Guide or text VOTE to 515-457-1026. Live election results will be available Nov. 3 at this link.

Local 5's "Verify Your Vote" team has tackled a lot of questions about voting in Iowa. Here are some of the top topics you've asked us about.

Constitutional amendment question on the ballot

This question has been on your ballot since 1970 and it deals with a constitutional convention and whether or not you want to keep the process of adding amendments how it is now. 

Right now, that involves several years of passing through both chambers of the statehouse. But you can vote to change that process, or speed it up and have voters go around politicians to change the Iowa Constitution.

Can you vote in person even if you've received a ballot in the mail?


You can bring in your ballot, surrender it to your county auditor, and vote in person.

Can you have someone else drop off your ballot?


You do not have to be the person to drop off your ballot. In fact, there are a lot of organizations who will do this for you.

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What is the deadline to send in my absentee ballot?

If you want to get it in on  time, you should drop it off at a ballot drop box or at your county auditor's office.

County auditor offices are open all day Saturday,so you can drop off your ballot in person. Just go to the front of the line and they'll handle it for you.

If you can't make it in to drop it off, you can have someone take it there for you.. They don't need to be a family member.

if you do decide to mail it, you need to have your ballot postmarked by Nov. 2 for it to be counted.

Have an election question you want answered? Text us at 515-457-1026 or email news@weareiowa.com.

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