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Answering your Voter ID questions

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If you're heading to the polls to vote, remember: You need to bring your Voter ID.

Here are the acceptable forms of ID that will let Iowans vote this year:

  • Iowa driver's license
  • Iowa non-operator ID
  • U.S. passport
  • U.S. military or veteran ID
  • Iowa voter ID card
  • Tribal ID card/document

The Verify Your Vote team is answering some big questions on the topic.

What if you don't have your ID with you? 

You will be given a provisional ballot to fill out.  

"A provisional ballot is used by voters whose qualifications to vote have been challenged, voters who can't prove they are qualified to vote, and voters who requested absentee ballots but did not surrender them at the polls," the Iowa Secretary of State's office explains.

What if my address doesn't match my driver's license? 

Bring a proof of residency like a water bill. Forget that? Again, provisional ballot.

"A speeding ticket is now proof of residency," said Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald. "So those who really want to vote we did accept a speeding ticket in the June primary."

What if my ID has expired?

Don't worry about it this time. Election officials will let it slide because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Through the Secretary of State's emergency powers, now anyone that had their driver's license expire anytime in 2020, that will be accepted at the polls as well," Fitzgerald said.

If you cast a provisional ballot, they'll print a receipt for what your next steps are and when to bring that to your county auditor.

For more information on voting in Iowa, click here to access Local 5's Voter Guide or text VOTE to 515-457-1026.

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