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Rally at Statehouse after SCOTUS ruling on Colorado Bakery

The United States Supreme Court decided in favor of a Colorado baker who didn't want to make a custom wedding cake for a gay couple.

The state capitol marked the meeting spot for a community rallying for equality after the decision made headlines yesterday. The country’s high court didn’t focus on whether a person or business can refuse services to gay people, instead ruling that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, that first heard the case, violated the baker’s rights.

The ruling has gained national attention leading to broader questions about religious liberty.

Liza Bryant Tapper of Des Moines said, “I do fear people will take it and run with it. I believe they will use this as an excuse to discriminate.”

Bryce Smith said, “As a small business owner, I fear this is going to challenge state laws and rulings and promote narrow mindedness.”

The timing is of this supreme court decision comes at an interesting for Des Moines. The city is celebrating gay pride this week with Pride Fest, the Pride Parade is scheduled for Saturday.