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Trump Speaks Out on Top Issues

Winterset — Hundreds of people across the state gathered in Winterset for Donald trump. He's no stranger to attention or the media and ...
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Winterset — Hundreds of people across the state gathered in Winterset for Donald trump. He’s no stranger to attention or the media and addressed every issue that’s topping headlines.
Trump’s visit began at the John Wayne Museum in Winterset with a meet and greet. The room was filled as people took pictures with the reality star and business mogul. His fans say that like his straight-forward attitude.
“He speaks his mind, he’s not afraid to speak his mind, and he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy and that’s really what I like about him,” said Keith Kirksey from Winterset.
That confidence filled the whole cafeteria of Winterset High School where he addressed the packed room.
Trump is second to Jeb Bush in a recent New Hampshire primary poll and says he doesn’t understand.
“Bush should not be number one. I don’t get how he’s number one, but I don’t think he can be number one. Number one, he’s not gonna do a good job. He’s not going to do a good job,” said Trump.
With this week’s Supreme Court ruling of the affordable care act, he says it’s a mistake.
“We need a great plan and we can have a much better plan, much better for the people, much better for government, but Obamacare is a disaster. It’s gonna destroy the country,” said Trump.
As for marriage equality, Trump says the decision should be up to the states.
“I think that it’s a very very sad thing that they didn’t allow states to make the decision. I would’ve thought that would’ve happened,” he said.
Trump’s public feud with Univision Television Broadcasting Company after comments on Mexican immigrants during his presidential announcement speech is also topping headlines. He’s sticking with his stance on immigration and controlling the border. Trump says he’s unapologetic and his feud with Univision won’t affect his campaign.
“Univision is a huge liability and let me tell you they called before they did that and they were apologizing to me we’re sorry, we don’t know, it has nothing to do with money. We’ll pay you whatever you want. And anybody else I’ll tell you what. Anybody else any politician would have folded immediately. I don’t fold because I’m right. The illegals should not be allowed in this country.”
As for the recent jump in the polls, Trump says people see that they’re resonating with voters and will fight to bring jobs back from across the world to the United States.