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VERIFY: Are county auditors sending out ballots to people who didn't request one?

Local 5 separates truth from misinformation following a recent tweet from President Trump on ballot requests.

IOWA, USA — There is a lot of misinformation out there about voting by mail.

We're here to verify one of those claims by President Trump.

In a tweet this week, the president claimed auditors are sending 51 million ballots out to people who haven't even requested a ballot.

Many of these people, he claims, don't exist.

So are county auditors doing this?

Our source for this is the Polk County Auditor's Office.

The auditor, Jamie Fitzgerald, tells us county auditors and the secretary of state are sending absentee ballot requests to voters as an option of voting in the November election.

This was done for the June primary too.

Check out our VERIFY coverage on our Local 5 YouTube channel below:

But voters need to fill in the blank form from their auditor and send it back in order to receive a ballot.

So we can verify: No, Iowa does not send ballots to voters without the voter first submitting a completed request.