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A look inside Urbandale's state-of-the-art weight room

The J-Hawk's $3.5 Million facility impresses as much as it improves student athletes.

Success on the field always starts in the weight room.

Just take a look at the many successful college programs who have an emphasis on its performance facilities.

The Urbandale J-Hawks built a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that is so advanced, there's nothing like it at any high school in the entire state.

"We need to make sure we raise the game and provide things for our students here at Urbandale that maybe aren't being provided at other places," said Pete Traynor, Urbandale Director of strength and conditioning.

All it takes is one glance inside Urbandale's new weight training facility to see there's nothing quite like it.

"Between the performance lab which we're in right now and the studio, it's a little over 14-thousand square foot. We have everything from 50 full yards of turf, 50 full yards of track. We have 26 inlaid platforms with 26 stations here in the performance lab."

Where the J-Hawks are advancing the way they're training the athletes is in the technology. Each weight rack is equipped with an iPad that has every athlete's workout regimen tailored specifically to them, loaded up at all times.

"Right now we have 655 athletes that are in our database and so they can come in, it doesn't matter which rack, they can come in open it up, select their name and everything for them is going to be completely individualized to that student."

The athletes are able to get an entire workout in in 45 minutes. Traynor hopes by having a facility they can appreciate and get better in, will translate beyond the playing surface.

"Those kinds of things that maybe you cant measure with a barbell that allows our athletes to continue to grow and develop and have more confidence when they step out on the court or the field or where ever, but also in real life, too."