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The Cyclones are hoping to bounce back from their season-opening loss against the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Following a season-opening, 31-14 loss to Louisiana, the Iowa State Cyclones hit the road for their first Big 12 matchup of the year against TCU.

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Kickoff is at 12:30 p.m. CT and can be watched on FS1 or audio streamed via TuneIn.

Live stats for the game can be viewed here

Second Quarter

9:53-1st and 15: BREECE HALL TOUCHDOWN RUN 75-YARDS 7-0 Iowa State

Greg Eisworth fair catch at the ISU 13

3rd and 10: TCU with an incomplete pass. Here comes the fifth punt of the day 

Iowa State plagued by terrible tackling again this week against TCU. Hasn't burned them yet, but you play with fire long enough, it's bound to hurt.

2nd and 9- Matt Downing to Taye Barber who picks up 14 yards and a first down

Rivera Punts for ISU- Fair caught by Spielman- flags on the play for illegal block in the back on TCU. 10 yard penalty. TCU to start the drive at their 24-yard line.

13:35- 3rd and 7: Purdy hits Kolar for six yards-- another three and out for Iowa State

15:00- TCU Punt-- fair caught at the 18 yd line

First Quarter

Through a quarter it's still tied 0-0. Neither offense has done much of anything. Iowa State's defense has a pair of sacks. TCU happy to drop into coverage and force Purdy to try to thread needles. 

:00-3rd and 15: TCU's Downing hits Johnston for WR screen for 13 yds. 4th down coming for TCU

1:45- 2nd and 1: Demercado up the middle picks up a first down

ISU PUNT- Touchback-- TCU Starts at their own 20

2:47- 3rd and 5: Purdy's pass is over the head of Kolar. Another punt on the way for the Iowa State Cyclones

4:30- 1st and 10: Purdy to Soehner for 15

Iowa State's defense doing what they do best, bend don't break. Iowa State is keeping TCU off the scoreboard through two Horned Frogs' possessions.

Punt- Touchback- ISU gets the ball at their own 20

4:46- 3rd and 13: shovel pass does not work for TCU and Iowa State will force a punt from the Horned Frogs.

5:26-2nd down: JaQuan Bailey with the sack and that puts him at 20 in his career. That's a new ISU career record

6:20- 1st and 10: Emari Demercado on the reception picks up 9

6:50- 2nd and 6: TCU's Darwin Barlow picks up 16 yards on the run. 

7:16-1st and 10: Barber end around for 4 yards.

Iowa State's offense picking up where they left off week one, looking very out of sync and unable to move the ball.

8:18- 3rd and long-- Brock Purdy's pass is incomplete. That's a three and out for the Cyclones as they punt it away

9:01- Purdy keeps but loses a couple of yards

9:50- First pass goes to... you guessed it, Charlie Kolar. pick up of six on Purdy to Kolar pass.

9:54- Griffin Kell misses from 50 yards and Iowa State offense will take over

That sack by Bankston gives him back-to-back games with a sack for Iowa State. Bankston is a juco transfer out of Hutchinson CC, where he had 11.5 sacks in his sophomore season.

10:38- Latrell Bankston comes up with the sack on Matt Downing

Big 3rd and 6 on the way. TCU on the ISU 27

11:51- Another first down for TCU. Horned Frogs up tempo

12:22- TCU's Emari Demercado up the gut picks up a first down

12:56- TCU First down Downing to Mikel Barkley

Coverage for Iowa State looking strong to start this first drive. Downing unable to find men down field

14:26- Offsides on ISU 

15:00- Jake Hummel with the hit on Matthew Downing for the TFL

No kickoff return for the TCU Horned Frogs. Good news for ISU


Charlie Kolar will play, he is suited up. Lineman Trevor Downing is out due to injury.

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