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No. 24 Iowa State tops Texas Tech 31-15 behind dominant defensive showing

Iowa State tops TTU 31-15 behind Breece Hall's 2-TD performance. ISU Defense gave up just 270 yards and one score in the win.

AMES, Iowa — Iowa State football is rolling after their season-opening loss to Louisiana, notching back-to-back wins against TCU and Oklahoma.

Fourth Quarter


ISU Punts TTU ball at the 20 with 2:45 remaining


Kene Nwangwu on a 3-yard run.

onside kick attempt fails- ISU ball at the 42 of TTU.


Touchdown TTU after a review overturns incomplete call on the field. 31-15 after successful 2-pt conversion.


TTU Touchdown from Henry Colombi to Ja'Lynn Polk. call overturned after review


4th and 7: pass incomplete


3rd and 7 on the 25: Pass incomplete


1st and 10: Bowman 25 yard pass to Dalton Ridgon for a first down. targeting on Isheem Young

TTU ball at the 21


21-yard field goal is good from Connor Assalley. 31-7 Iowa State leads.


3rd and goal on the 9: Purdy's pass is incomplete. Intended for Shaw. 


2nd and goal: Pitch to hall loses 4 yards


1st and goal on the 5: Purdy to Hall is incomplete


1st and 10: Kene Nwangwu with a 29-yard run and ISU is on the TTU 5.


2nd and 6: Breece Hall with a 13 yard run and ISU trying to put this on ice.


1st and 10 on the 49: Breece Hall gains 4.


2nd and 1: Breece Hall gains 3 for a first down.

Third Quarter

End of the quarter: Iowa State 28- TTU-7


1st and 10: Daniel Jackson on the reception picks up nine yards after making a man miss.


2nd and 1: Breece Hall picks up 3 for a first down.


1st and 10: Brock Purdy to Chase Allen for a gain of 9 down to the ISU 34.


3rd and 6 on the 31: Iowa State with a stop after a yard. Texas Tech will punt it again.


1st and 10: Bowman to John Holcomb for 4.

Texas Tech starts at the 27.


3rd and 1: Purdy over the top to Charlie Kolar from 13-yards out and the Cyclones are in complete control 28-7.


2nd and 7: Purdy keeps it for a gain of 6.


2nd and 10: Breece Hall shows patients squeaks through a hole and gains 10 for an ISU first down.


1st and 10: Brock Purdy puts one up for Charlie Kolar who can't haul it in.


4th and 1: hand off to Jirehl Brock for the first down gain. Ball to the 31.


3rd and 8: Purdy to Hutchinson for 7.


2nd and 8: Pass incomplete from Purdy to Hutchinson.


Brock Purdy on the keeper picks up 2.


2nd and 8: Purdy drops a floater in to Charlie Kolar for a first down to the 42.

ISU offense getting things started strong with a 1st down pick up on 1st and 10.


4th and 2: Iowa State with a huge stop Isheem Young just crushes Xavier White short of the line to gain.

ISU defense forcing Texas Tech's hand as the Red Raiders will face a 4th and 2 on the 31-yard line.


1st and 10: Purdy to Soehner who fumbles the ball. Recovered by Texas Tech and they'll start in ISU territory at the 39.


2nd and 3 on the 47: Hand off to Breece Hall he gains 5 on a first-down run.


1st and 10: Brock Purdy on play action drops a dime in to Chase Allen for 23-yard connection and first down

Cyclones will begin their second drive of the half at the 17.

The Red Raiders drive stalls and they'll punt it back to Iowa State with 11:12 left in the 3rd quarter.

TTU starts their drive at the 32-yard line


3rd and 12: Purdy forced to throw it away bringing up a 4th down.


2nd and 12 (penalty): Purdy hits Hutchinson for no gain.


1st and 10: Purdy to Landon Akers for a gain of 3.

Kene Nwangwu with a 38-yard kickoff return. Iowa State starts with the ball at their own 37.


At Half Iowa State leads 21-7. Minus a special team failure, the Cyclones have dominated this game. Time of Possession is 22:41 to 7:19 in favor of ISU. The Cyclones have rushed for 138 yards, 108 of those coming from Breece Hall. Hall now has 4-straight games with 100+ rushing yards. He has found the end zone twice. Brock Purdy has 19/25 187 yards, and a score. Xavier Hutchinson with 6 catches for 64-yards leads all receivers. Iowa State will get the ball to start the second half.

Second Quarter


Texas Tech will be content with letting this go to half 21-7 Iowa State leads. Offensively TTU has been non-existent.


3rd and 9: Purdy incomplete brings up fourth down. Iowa State will punt for the first time today

2nd and 10: 


1st and 10: Brock Purdy's pass is incomplete. A little high for Daniel Jackson.


2nd and 3: Kene Nwangwu with a 3-yard run up the gut.


1st and 10: Purdy to Hutchinson for a gain of 7.


3rd and 10: Xavier Hutchinson works some magic to stay in bounds picks up 17 on the reception.


1st and 10: Purdy's pass is incomplete. 

Iowa State will start their next drive at their 34-yard line

TTU goes 3-and-out on offense.


2nd and 1: Breece Hall is in for another score. 21-7 ISU leads. Hall's 8th touchdown of the season. He's over 100 yards rushing on the day as well.


2nd and 2: Hall cuts it back and picks up 15 . ISU 1st and goal on the 3.


1st and 10: Breece Hall runs for 8-yards to the 18.


3rd and 9: Brock urdy hits Charlie Kolar for 10 yards. That's an ISU first down at the 26.


1st and 15: Purdy to Scates for a gain of six. ball to the TTU 39.


3rd and 8: Brock Purdy to Chase Allen for 13 yards. Great catch by Allen.


Hall loses four yards on the carry for 2nd down.


1st and 10: Hand off to Hall for a gain of six. Ball to the 46


Iowa State starts the drive at the 20-yard line. 

Texas Tech going up tempo and finding a bit of the rhythm but they get clogged up by Iowa State's offense and are forced to punt it away.


1st and 10: Bowman to Polk enough for a first down


2nd and 10: Myles Price on the end around gains 10. First down


1st and 10: TTU rush for no gain

Texas Tech will start the drive at the 24-yard line


3rd and goal on the 2: Purdy hits an open Chase Allen in the end zone for the 2-yard touchdown pass Iowa State up 14-7 after the PAT.


2nd and 2: Breece Hall no gain on the carry

Iowa State's offense is on the TTU 2-yard line to start the quarter.

First Quarter

End of the Quarter 7-7 tie

Iowa State's offense is marching once again. The Cyclones have held Texas Tech to six offensive plays and just 14 yards in the first quarter.


3rd and 4 on the 14: Jake Hummel drops the sure pick-6 Texas Tech will punt


1st and 10 on the 8: Alan Bowman pass complete to Polk for 4.

Texas Tech will start at their own 8-yard line after a block in the back on the kick off return.


2nd down: Breece Hall punches it in from 11-yards out and the Cyclones knot this game at 7 after the PAT


1st and 10: Brock Purdy to Xavier Hutchinson for another first down

Iowa State's offense starts marching once again. First drive was not bad until the final four plays. The Cyclones have been good, but can't afford anymore mistakes against Tech.


Iowa State will start their drive at their own 33


20-yard field goal is blocked by Texas Tech and returned by Zach McPhearson for a touchdown. Texas Tech takes a 7-0 lead after the PAT


3rd and goal: Purdy to Soehner for a 4-yard catch. brings up 4th and goal


2nd and goal: Purdy keeps for a 3-yard gain.


2nd and goal on the 4: Purdy hits Chase Allen on 4-yard connection in the back corner of the end zone. flag for ineligible man down field no TD


1st and Goal on the 4: Purdy hands off to hall for no gain


1st and 10: Hand off to Breece Hall as he finds a seam and gains 26 on the run


4th and 2: Purdy tucks it and gains 3 for a first down


3rd and 7 on the 39: Purdy to Hutchinson for 5 yard gain bringing up 4th down.


2nd and 10: Purdy hands off to Breece Hall up the middle for 3-yards.


2nd and 5: Purdy keeps it and picks up 15 on the option read.


2nd and 5-- Purdy to Landon Akers who slips after the catch but gains 11.


1st and 10: Purdy to Xavier Hutchinson for 5-yard connection


Fair catch on the punt at the ISU 23-yard line.


3rd and 3: Bowman's pass is batted down by JaQuan Bailey forcing a 3 and out for TTU


1st and 10: Handoff to SaRodorick Thompson for no gain


Texas Tech kneels in the end zone for a touchback. They'll start their drive at the 25.

Iowa State will kick the ball off to start the game.


Iowa State is wearing white pants, red jersey and white helmet against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Cyclones will be without Trevor Downing and Tarique Milton today. Alan Bowman is expected to start for Texas Tech at Quarterback

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