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Honoring those we lost | High school baseball teams hit the diamond on Memorial Day

Carlisle head coach Blake Heitmeier said: “We are very fortunate to play the sport and I think a lot of our guys understand that baseball is absolutely a privilege."

CARLISLE, Iowa — Baseball and Memorial Day have been intertwined in history for more than 140 years.

“This sport was created in the United States of America when you guys get the opportunity to play on a day like today pretty special,” said Carlisle head coach Blake Heitmeier to his team before they practiced on Monday.

From the big leagues to the high school field.

“We are very fortunate to play the sport and I think a lot of our guys understand that baseball is absolutely a privilege,” said Heitmeier.

A privilege for baseball players around the country and right here in central Iowa.

“We’re one of the very few schools that get to play on Memorial Day,” said Heitmeier.

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Carlisle and Indianola high school teams took the mound today for a non-conference matchup that meant much more than just winning on the scoreboard.

“Anytime we can talk about something that's real right it is definitely a big thing so being able to put this in perspective and allow them to the opportunity to play and know why we're able to do it,” said Indianola head baseball coach John Fitzpatrick.

For some it means much more than just a holiday.

“My dad is a Sergeant Major in the Army National Guard here at Camp Dodge.”

Senior Jack Lenhart is in his final season of baseball. A career that spans many miles with living from base to base.

“I've been playing baseball in three different states now in in four different school districts and it's always cool to see while school might be different your teachers are classwork will always be different in those areas there's one thing that always be the same in baseball's the same wherever you go,” said Lenhart.

The baseball is the same everywhere you go. Just like in any ball park today you found thousands honoring those who lost their lives giving us the freedoms to enjoy Americas past time.

“The military is something that doesn't matter who you are you have to show your respect to those people no matter where you lie because they're doing a job they’re supporting you as a person in this country and it means a lot to be able to go out there and play tonight in memory for them.”

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