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Get to know the Hawkeyes and Cyclones players off the field

Local 5 talked to some of Iowa's favorite collegiate footballers and found that, underneath the helmet and pads, there are some big personalities.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Oftentimes, we only get to know who players are by what they do on the field. 

Local 5 talked to some of Iowa's favorite Hawkeyes and Cyclones and found that, underneath the helmet and pads, there are some big personalities. 

So, here are some of their favorite things off the field, most important superstitions and more.

"I love to eat ice cream. It's not like a hidden talent of anything but I can eat like a pint of ice cream every night and rock and roll the next day," said Luke Lachey, a University of Iowa tight end. "So, you know, it's good."

For Iowa State University's Will McDonald IV, time off the turf is spent practicing a different — maybe unexpected —  sport.

"Skateboarding is one of my favorite things to do, especially to like relax," McDonald said.

As far as superstitions go, there are more than a few for both the Cyclones and Hawkeyes.

"If you step on the back of my shoe, I make you tap my back three times because I think it's bad luck," said Leshon Williams, a running back for Iowa.

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"If we win in a jersey, you better be ready to wear that jersey all year. All year long we're gonna wear that jersey until we can't," said Iowa State defensive lineman J.R. Singleton.

Jirehl Brock told Local 5 that, while some of his teammates have superstitions, one person beats them all.

"The most superstitious guy on our team is definitely coach Campbell," Brock said.

Xavier Hutchinson spoke more about their head coach's habits, including a phenomenon some Cyclones fans remember well.

"If we're winning in a jersey, he will not change that jersey. People know in [the] COVID year, we wore black for what? I think eight, nine games. So that's just something that he does but you gotta love him because he's kind of a quirky guy. I just love that about him," he said.

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For the Hawkeyes, one player seemed to be a favorite for the "Team Dad" position among teammates.

"Logan Lee is up there. The obvious thing, married man. Married man. He's got the wife living with him. No, but he's that guy. He loves everybody, loves hanging around, being the dad of the team," Iowa fullback Turner Palissard said.

Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz agreed, adding: "Logan is like a 40-year-old guy, too. He is married and you can easily see that. He's probably got three kids and a station wagon by now, two, three months later."

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