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Landon Cassill keeps racing while NASCAR season on hold

Landon Cassill is now racing on the NASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational series, and it's paying off

"iRacing to motor sports might be the best Esports crossover."

Better than NBA 2k-- better than MLB the Show-- and better than Madden.

All because it's about as close to real as a driver can get to NASCAR racing without actually being on the track in a real car.

"The fundamentals in iRacing compared to real life are very very realistic."

It's getting the prime time treatment as well, after the NASCAR season was put on hold due to Covid-19.

Iowa native, and NASCAR driver, Landon Cassill, happens to be right in the thick of it.

"When they postponed the Atlanta race two weeks ago I got a call from Dale Jr. He said iRacing and NASCAR are putting together for next week at homestead and Fox is going to broadcast it and it's going to be professional drivers only."

Then the president of iRacing called as well, asking Cassill if he wanted in.

"I said I'll do whatever. This sounds awesome"

Cassill went to work, finishing 12th at Homestead and then this past weekend he finished fourth at Texas Motor Speedway.

He's set on continuing to climb the podium.

"This rig right here. This is where I'm spending six or seven hours a day to train you can see I've got a web cam right there. I stream pretty much every minute that I'm in this rig."

It's also a chance to keep funds flowing to try to build even more of a following.

"This iRacing, having a sponsor being on network television is a revenue stream I was not anticipating and so I looked at it as an opportunity to um invest in some eye balls that may not usually be watching."

iRacing has given sports fans a brief relief from a bit of the chaos in the world but everything going on outside of the virtual cockpit has not been lost on Cassill.

"Every body has to really kind of dig in right now. On one hand, I'm glad that we can provide some entertainment and the sport can pivot to this iRacing but there's definitely some big things at hand in the world."