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Local hockey player drafted by the Des Moines Buccaneers in Phase II USHL Draft

Braden Rourke is an Urbandale native who grew up watching the Bucs play, now he's one step closer to being a Buccaneer

URBANDALE, Iowa — "Growing up watching just never really thinking, like, obviously when the draft came around and talked to him a little bit skated with them and then I was like, I really want to play here-- your play home town—move back here live with my parents. Hang out with all my friends. And, you know, because I love it here.”

He skated with us this year, he came out on a visit. I got to you know get to introduce him to some guys to introduce him to Noah Ellis. You know they're their same position they're from the same area. It's obviously special in the area should be proud of you got a lot of kids that are aspiring to play at the highest levels, just like Braden and Noah, Noah is now on the NHL draft radar. He's going to be going to a division one college that's a top ranked school in the country, and Braden has the same aspirations we we've identified that we really liked his personality we liked this game his confidence, we were thrilled to get him in the draft ,”

“It's exciting, I want to go into camp and Make the team, that would be amazing to be able to be 16 and the and in the league it’d be a dream.”