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Brody’s Cause Hoping to Bring Home the Roses for Dennis Albaugh

Dennis Albaugh is hoping his horse, Brody's Cause, can come away with a win in the Run for the Roses this weekend. The Kentucky Derby is just days away, but...
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Had it not been for Dennis Albaugh’s son in law, Jason Loutsch, and a horse named Macy Sue, he may not have taken as much liking to horse racing as he is today.

“My start was prairie meadows. Love that track out there. We had a horse that spoiled us, Macy Sue won about every race it run in and that got me started and that horse today is still kicking out a colt every year that one has been the reason we’ve been real successful in the horse business.”

This weekend though, Albaugh will under the twin spires of Churchill Downs, watching another horse he owns race in the 142nd Kentucky Derby.

“Boy that’s a dream come true. We never thought that we would get to this point but that was our ultimate mission we wanted to be able to buy a horse and get in the Kentucky derby.”

That horse, Brody’s Cause.

“My nephew Reed Westin was one of those he asked me in auction if we could name one after my boy I said sure because we’re always hunting for names. Well his boy’s name is Brody the last name of the sire of the horse is Giant’s Causeway so that’s where the name Brody’s Cause came from.”

Brody’s cause has 12 to 1 odds to win the first leg of the Triple Crown according to Horse Racing Nation.

“It’s already won at Churchill downs we’re excited about that. The trainer we got Dale Romans he’s one of the best in the business he knows how to get the horse ready.”

It won’t be an easy win, Brody’s cause will make you wait to the wire to see if you can cash your winning ticket.

“We experienced that back in April when we won the blue grass and it was unbelievable this horse will not go up front it’s going to be coming from way behind way late in the race so it will probably be the longest two minutes of my life.”

For Albaugh and his ownership partners the horses can’t take the starting gate soon enough.

“Myself and 19 others think we’re going to win the Kentucky Derby.”

Win the run for the roses, and Brody’s cause will leave a mark in Iowa horse racing history that time cannot erase.”