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Disc Golf courses drawing more and more players across Central Iowa

As the weather gets nicer and nicer, the disc golf courses are getting busier and busier

DES MOINES, Iowa — "Business has picked up quite a bit it's a lot of younger kids a lot of kids that have been out of school coming in trying out the sport and playing"

That's a good thing for Titan Disc Golf shop in Des Moines where there is no shortage of discs for beginners to pros

"I'm able to share with young players and finding the right disc for what they have. Also just the pure number discs I have. I have over 7000 discs in my shop here so you can find just about whatever you're looking for."

So busy, at the shop, means it's just as busy at the disc golf courses.

"All the parks are pretty packed so it's pretty awesome."

Discs are flying left and right.

"IT's great to see just great to see the growth of a lot of new players playing the sport."

Even better, much like standard golf, you can play while social distancing but a lot of these players have had to make some adjustments.

"You don't want to have as large of groups as you would normally have so usually you want to keep your groups a little bit smaller but you're pretty spread out you're never really close to people so its pretty easy to maintain some sort of distance."

All of those factors combined-and being pretty affordable.

"You can play with just one disc, most people have three or four and it's free to play-most of the courses are free to play."

You should see more and more people out at the disc golf courses.

"I think now that every one has been introduced to the sport they're enjoying being outside and playing. It's a fun sport to play so I think it's going to continue to grow."