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Drake Bulldogs Celebrate 515 Day

There's no better day to celebrate May 15th than giving back to the 515 area code

DES MOINES, Iowa — “It seems appropriate on the fifteenth day of the fifth month to get out and celebrate Des Moines.”

To celebrate, the Bulldogs were out in the community, serving.

“I think it’s important for us to just remind folks that we appreciate all that Des Moines does for us for our community we certainly get a lot from them and aren’t afraid to give back.”

So Drake Athletic Director Brian Hardin and about 20 members of the athletic department took to the classrooms at East High.

“We’re going to be moving desks and other things around in their school so what normally would be done by three people will have more than 20 folks be able to do it.”

That includes football coach Todd Stepsis, who brought his two daughters with to help out, or ride the dolly.

They got to work quickly, splitting into groups of ten, sticking to social distancing as best as they can, and wearing masks.

“What would take them several days or weeks we’ll get done in a matter of hours today.”

This group wasn’t the only one from Drake giving back, they had a food drive in front of the Knapp Center, and members of the department also did their own services. Another sign that we can get through this pandemic together.

“I think it’s always important to give back to your community but now more than ever it’s critically important it reminds us how much good there is in this community. And this is a tough time but people of Des Moines and Drake Athletics are going to be tougher than what this virus is and we will come back through this better on the back end. Today is just a reminder of the great people and great things there are that we can do in our community and we’re excited to make a positive impact.”

515 day started a couple of years ago, and Hardin hopes it continues to grow.