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Expectations remain high for Iowa Hawkeyes' Head Coach, Fran McCaffery, when the season begins

The Iowa Hawkeyes are waiting to see what will happen with their season. Whenever it does get going, this will be the deepest team Fran McCaffery will have coached

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Thursday's Big Ten news only impacts Iowa’s fall sports, so we could still see winter sports like basketball taking the floor against non-conference opponents. For the Hawkeyes men’s basketball team, the expectations remain high with or without a return from Luka Garza.

“We'll continue to train hard we'll continue to stay together. We'll, we'll have to work in some new guys you know we live with those three very important players. But, you know, you look at in particular, getting torn go hand in check najee and Patrick McCaffrey back those three in particular, along with our five man freshman class, it's very talented and without question will be the deepest team that I've ever been involved with.”

Mccaffery has seen his players make their voices heard during these challenging times between covid and racial injustice. For McCaffery, his perspective is unique, growing up in Philadelphia.

“As a young man who played basketball. You know, it was an opportunity for me to not see color as we talked about before you walk across the street to play in the schoolyard whoever's there. That's what you're playing against they become your friends they're your buddies.”

McCaffery says he didn’t need an incident like the death of George Floyd to happen for him to wake up

"We begin with dialogue, we have to end with tangible change. So I think that's what's coming. And if that's what comes out of this, then that'll be a good thing. As we move forward as society.”

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