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LIVE UPDATES: Iowa cruising over Michigan State

The Hawkeyes face the Spartans in QB Rocky Lombardi's return to the state of Iowa.
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4:00 Alex Padilla is in for his first career appearance at QB and he's got the Hawkeyes driving.

11:57 TOUCHDOWN IOWA. Mekhi Sargent puts it in from 6 yards out. The rout is (has been?) on. 49-7

13:27 Taylor just casually sticks it on the 4 yard line. Iowa then forces a 3 & out. Iowa takes over on the MSU 45 after a punt


I had to step away but you haven't missed much. It's still ugly. Iowa leads 42-7. They're going to win. They're going to cover and the over will hit. All that is left to decide; will the Hawkeyes hit 50?


Iowa leads 35-0. Special teams, defense, offense, it's all going right for the Hawkeyes. Iowa established the running game early, Petras looked solid and Charlie Jones had himself a half. He's got 125 total yards at half.


1:30 OH MY GOODNESS. RILEY MOSS PICK 6. Lombardi's 3rd INT of the half. This is unraveling for MSU. Iowa up 35-0.

1:57 HOUSE CALL. Charlie Jones back at it. 53 yard TD return. It's alllll going right for Iowa today. Hawkeyes lead 28-0

2:18 MSU facing a 3rd&12 on its own 8. No dice. MSU will punt from its own end zone.

Lombardi has 1 hopped a couple open receivers already.

3:00 And I am BACK with the Tory Taylor love. How about a 61 yarder pinning MSU on their own 10?

4:03 48 yard MSU kick attempt is NO GOOD. That one hurts if you're Sparty. Iowa still leads 21-0.

4:39 Iowa gives up a huge play then proceeds to hold Michigan State on 3rd and 1.

6:47 On third down Lombardi bounces it to a wide open receiver. He just doesn't look right. Iowa gets the ball back.

8:41 And Iowa can't capitalize. Keith Duncan misses a field goal so we sit at 21-0.

10:33 Rocky Lombardi throws his second pick and everything is going right for the Hawkeyes.

So um...Iowa has a season high in points. There's 11:16 left in the 2nd quarter. Is that good?

11:18 TOUCHDOWN IOWA. Hawkeyes absolutely cruising. Tyler Goodson punches it in and this is ugly early. Iowa up 21-0.

14:16 How about that? Charlie Jones taking advantage of his opportunity filling in on special teams. Big punt return sets up the offense on the Spartan 47.


END OF 1ST: Hawkeyes lead 14-0. Spartans with the ball on their own 33.

That quarter was exactly what the Hawkeyes needed. Petras 7/10 for 98 yards and the Hawkeyes already have 58 yards on the ground.

4:31 TOUCHDOWN IOWA. A beautiful ball from Petras and great adjustment from Brandon Smith and the Hawkeyes lead 14-0.

Iowa game planned perfectly and they're executing really well. Leading the offense with rushing and a lot of short throws to get Petras comfortable.

5:41 Iowa into the red zone.

Great offensive game plan for the Hawkeyes. The Iowa offense is hummin.

8:28: INT Iowa. On 3rd & 6, the pressure gets to Lombardi and he forces it way downfield and it's picked. Iowa will take over around its own 30.

11:08: A touchback so we get to see Rocky Lombardi's return to Iowa start from the 25.

11:08 TOUCHDOWN Iowa. Tyler Goodson is in from 3 yards out and Hawkeyes lead 7-0. Iowa made that look really, and I mean really, easy.

12:15 Iowa down inside the Michigan St. 10 yard line. Clearly making an effort to pound it on the ground. Already, 41 yards rushing.

15:00 Iowa will start with the ball. Let's see if the Hawkeyes can get things moving. Remember, last week, the offense struggled more in the second half.