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#17 Iowa State blanks Kansas State 45-0 in biggest win over the Wildcats since 1943

Iowa State jumped out to a 35-0 lead in the first half and this one was all but over at that point. Cyclones play as close to perfect as they could dominating KSU

AMES, Iowa — Iowa State wins 45-0.

Shutting down the Live Update

Due to this game, farmaggedon outta hand, we will save the Wildcats anymore embarrassment.

Second Quarter

AT HALF ISU 38-0 over K-State.

2nda and 4 on the 212: Breece Hall 21 yards and nothing but jet trails behind him for the touchdown. 35-0 Iowa State.

1st and 10 on the 27: End around to Nwangwu gains six.

4th and 1 on the 29: Purdy hands off to Nwangwu for a gain of two and a first down.

Iowa State with a 4th and 1 on the 29 under 3 to play.

Mike Rose 3 interceptions on the year after hauling in one from Howard on the first play of the K-State Drive.


1st and 10 on the 33: Breece Hall hurdles an arm and down the sidelines. Utter Domination. 28-0 Iowa State leads the Wildcats.


1st and 10 on the 38: Purdy throws one up for Hutchinson who climbs the ladder and hauls it in for a gain of 29.


1st and 10 on the 11: Breece Hall down at the 38 gain of 27.

Cyclones ball at the 11

3rd and 10 on the 47: Incomplete pass.

2nd and 10 on the 47: K-State incomplete pass.

1st and 10 on the 47: run by Vaughn no gain.

K-State ball at the 47 


2nd and 11 on the 22: Purdy finds Xavier Hutchinson what a catch by the Cyclones wide out. 21-0 Iowa State.


1st and 10 on the 21: Kene Nwangwu takendown at the 22. Loss of one.

Hall gets a first down-- Cyclones to the 21 yard line and a new set of downs.

4-yard gain brings up 3rd and 1. 


Breece Hall run for five yards.


Gain of 13 as Dylan Soehner leaps a defender.


3rd and 11: incomplete pass. K-State punts it down to the K-State 46.


2nd and 11: Mike Rose dislodges the ball and a mouthpiece with a big hit. incomplete pass.


Deuce Vaughn loses a yard on the carry on 1st down. 2nd and 11 on the 3.


Cyclones Punt it to the 8-- returned out to the 23. Flags for holding push the ball back to the 4 yard line.


3rd and 10 on the 37: Purdy to Jirehl Brock for a gain of 8. Iowa State will punt on 4th down.


2nd and 10 on the 37: Purdy's pass is batted down.


1st and 10 on the 37: Purdy incomplete to Soehner brings up 2nd down.


2nd and 6 on the 29: Hall carries down the heart of the K-State defense for a gain of 8 and a first down.

K-State punts it back to Iowa State. Cyclones with a chance to turn this into blowout territory on this drive.


3rd and goal: Purdy to Charlie Kolar in the back of the end zone and it's 14-0 Cyclones.

Iowa State has the ball 3rd and goal on the 6 to start the quarter.

First Quarter

END OF THE QUARTER: Iowa State-7 Kansas State-0


2nd and goal on the 5: Purdy knocked out of bounds for a loss of 1.


1st and goal on the 7: Purdy keeps it for a gain of two.


3rd and 8 on the 25: Purdy steps up on the blitz-- and takes it down inside the 10. It's a run of 17 and Iowa State is on the doorstep.


2nd and 13 on the 30: Brock Purdy with a dart to Hutchinson to the 25. that's a pickup of 5.


2nd and 8 on the 25: false start on the offense.


1st and 10 on the 27: Purdy holds on to it and gains two.


1st and 10 on the 40: Purdy to Dylan Soehner for another big pickup of 13 yards.


1st and 10 on the 43: Purdy keeps for a gain of 17.


1st and 10 on the 15: Purdy finds Hutchinson across the middle. He picks up some yards after the catch for 28.


3rd and 4 on the 9: Purdy's pass incomplete but DPI gives Iowa State a 1st down.


2nd and 8 on the 5: Hall carries to the 9. 


Iowa State hands off to Hall for a gain of 2.

Iowa State Drive starts at their own 3-yard line.


4th and Goal on the 2: Will McDonald and Lawrence White stop Howard in his tracks to force the turnover on downs.


3rd and Goal on the 5: Howard stopped at the 2-yard line. Bringing up 4th down.


2nd and Goal on the 5: Howard throws for Taylor, incomplete. 


1st and Goal on the 3: Howard keeps again met by a wall of black uniforms for a loss of 2.


3rd and 1 on the 16: Keeper from Howard and he carries to the 3. Gain of 13. 


2nd and 3 on the 18: delayed handoff to Trotter for a gain of 2. 


1st and 10 on the 25: hand off to Harry Trotter. He picks up 7.

3rd and 4 on the 30: Howard to throw finds Keyon Mozee for 5-yards. 1st down.

2nd and 2 on the 28: Screen pass to Deuce Vaughn met by Hummel for loss of 2.

K-state quick hand off makes it 2nd and 8


Will Howard to Chabastin Taylor for 29-yard gain.

K-State ball at the 35.


1st and 10 on the 33: Purdy deep to Joe Scates in the end zone 33-yard touchdown pass puts Iowa State on the board 7-0.


2nd and 1: Breece Hall 15-yard run for the Cyclones down to the 33 of K-state.


1st and 10 on the 43: Purdy complete to Sean Shaw for a gain of 9 yards.


3rd and 12 on the 23: 20-yard completion Brock Purdy to Xavier Hutchinson


2nd and 8 on the 27: Hall hit in the backfield loss of 4.


1st and 10 on the 25: Hand off to Hall for 2-yards.

Iowa State will start with the ball on their own 25-yard line after a touchback to start the game.


Iowa State will dawn their all-black uniforms this afternoon against K-State. Matt Campbell is 1-3 all-time against K-State. The Cyclones lost to the Wildcats in 2019 in Manhattan. This is Chris Klieman's second season as the Head Coach of Kansas State.

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