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Titus Cram's journey to becoming Bondurant-Farrar's lead running back is one less traveled

Titus Cram moved to Iowa when he was five, only knowing how to play soccer. Now, as a football player he's turning plenty of heads locally and collegiately.

BONDURANT, Iowa — Bondurant-Farrar is 7-1 and in control of their own football playoff hopes.

“This is the most complete team I’ve had at Bondurant. There’s no doubt about that,” Head Coach Zach Pfantz said.

The Bluejays have a stout defense, a quarterback who can chuck it all over and a couple of talented running-backs, including the third-best rusher in Class 4A, Titus Cram.

“You hear about this kid that in fifth grade and sixth grade football he’s just scoring every time he touches the ball, and that pretty much went on through junior high,” said Pfantz.

Now a sophomore, Titus isn’t scoring every touch, but he’s still raking in the points. 19 touchdowns on the year, and handling the physicality like it’s nothing.

“I don’t mind getting hit. And so when I know I’m going to get hit, I’m back in reality where I know I’m not going to get a touchdown every time. It’s kind of relaxing and fun," Cram said. "I have to trust my teammates. Do what I do. Even five yards is good enough."

To understand who Titus is though, you have to let him explain his past.

“I was five when I came over from Africa,” he said.

He and his family left the Democratic Republic of Congo for Iowa.

“It was scary, it was scary. I didn’t understand anything of course, I only spoke french,” he said.

What he did know was soccer.

“I was from Africa, soccer was what we played there the whole time so I came here and that was what I was used to,” Cram said.

He still plays soccer for the Bluejays, meaning he gets the kicking duties for the football team as well.

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Cram is already getting college football offers, and more will come. But that doesn’t change who he is.

“No, I’m going to grow exactly how I’m supposed to grow. I’m not going to make it a big deal, I mean it’s exciting but I’m also going to be content,” said Cram.

Just an example of what really stands out about the Bondurant-Farrar star.

“He’s a pretty talented and blessed young man athletic wise but the thing that has always stood out to me is his character,” Coach Pfantz said.

That come from his parents, and that’s why an eventual college scholarship means so much.

Cram said, “One of my biggest goals in life was to not have my parents pay for my college. So to have that happen is a big deal to me.”