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Iowa DNR: Stay away from swollen rivers

The banks of rivers in eastern Iowa nearly flooded this week, which can lead to dangerous situations for those paddling on the surface.

ELKADER, Iowa — We're heading into the last "unofficial" weekend of summer— Labor Day Weekend. 

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources wants you to stay off of swollen rivers. This comes as the banks of rivers in Elkader nearly flooded over this week.

The Iowa DNR says that's not the only area seeing dangerously high levels at the end of the summer. 

So what's the best thing to know before heading out? The DNR says to make sure to call someone with an ear to the ground. 

"One good thing to do is to call your local county Conservation Board, that the river wherever that river is running through, and they can give you a real-time look-see on the river conditions themselves, and tell you if there's any new hazards that you need to be aware of," said Rodd Robertson with the Iowa DNR. 

River levels across the state are fluctuating because of the weather, so be sure to check with your local county conservation office before heading out.