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5 tips to prepare your car for the winter cold

From tire pressure to filling up the gas tank, there are some things to know before hitting the road.

Iowa has seen some frigid temperatures over the last few days, and it's not over yet. 

Local 5's Khalil Maycock spoke with managers at two auto shops for tips on how to keep your cars running smoothly.

No. 1

Make sure the gas tank is always over the halfway mark. If it's closer to empty, you run the risk of having your gas line freeze over in these extreme temperatures. 

No. 2

Make sure you have a good tire pressure. 

With these cold temperatures, the cold contracts the air out of tires and that could lead to low tire pressure. Driving around on tires that are extremely low could lead to poor vehicle handling and control as well as wheel damage. 

Check inside the front door of your vehicle for the amount of air pressure to put in your tires.

No. 3

Make sure your tire have a good tire tread. You can find out if your tires have good tread by putting a dime in between the crevices, and if the head is covered halfway or a little more than halfway you should be good to go.

No. 4

Metro auto shops say they've seen more people complaining of battery issues or the batter not starting.

They say you can't prevent your battery from dying, but when you go in for an oil change you might want to ask them if your battery has enough charge. That way, when it gets to extreme temperatures, you shouldn't have any issues.

No. 5

If you're from a warmer climate coming from up to this colder climate, there might be a difference in oil used. Auto shops say make sure to check with your mechanic to make sure you have the correct one so that it doesn't effect your engine sith a slower start time or any stalling issues

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