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Spring, summer travel tips as pandemic continues

Travel agents like Jody Valentine advise you invest in cash back trip insurance in case of last-minute cancellations.

IOWA, USA — California. Florida. Maybe something international? It all sounds pretty nice right now in the middle of Iowa's bitter-cold winter.

But if you're looking to book a trip, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Travel agents like Jody Valentine are experts when it comes to finding the right destination. Her top tip to avoid vacation heartache?

Make sure you have cash back trip insurance.

"It might be the more expensive option, but having that trip insurance gives you the flexibility to cancel your trip right up to the last minute and still get your money back," Valentine said.

Another tip?

"Make sure that you are aware completely of all the regulations and restrictions on that money that you have with that supplier."

Simply put: read the fine print.

You should also get familiar with all those international travel restrictions.

"It's a moving target," Valentine said. "It can change in a second and it does. Since COVID has started, things have changed many many times.

If you are weighing whether or not to book a vacation now or wait until things calm down, Valentine doesn't think there will be much of a price difference. 

In facts, tickets might go up in price later this year because airlines and hotels need to make up for lost revenue.

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