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Preparing your family for the threat of severe weather

It's Severe Weather Awareness Week and you're cooped up thanks to COVID-19. It's a perfect time to make a severe weather prep kit!
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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — One of the most important things you can do to stay safe during times of severe weather is to be prepared! 

Although there are a number of ways you can be prepared, creating a safety kit for your home is among the most important. 

There's a variety of useful things to keep in a severe weather preparedness kit, including: 

  • non-perishable food and water
  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • cell phone charger
  • important insurance/ID cards
  • medicines/first aid kit 
  • extra clothing & shoes
Credit: WOI

You should have a plan for your family about where you will meet together in times of severe weather. 

It may seem silly to prepare these things ahead of time, but it could be the key to survival during a severe weather scenario. 

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