Past Local 5 One Classroom at a Time Education Grant Recipients

One Classroom At A Time Education Grant Recipients


September 2006 - Ames High School - Ames

"Radon Gas: Is it in your house?:" by Alan J Junck


To purchase 10 electrontic radaon detertors for students to take home to test their homes for the level of radon gas present.


October 2006 - Southeast Webster-Grand Elementary - Dayton

"Electronic Math Flash Master:" by Stacie Schultz


November 2006 - Hiatt Middle School - Des moines

"Interdisciplinary Learning: Immigration, Technology & Personal Stories:" by Jesse Johnston & Judy Pauley


December 2006 - Riverbend Middle School - Iowa Falls

"Science Classroom Improvements:" by Karen Koening


To update the science classroom to a more techno-friendly place for students to learn.


January 2007 - Abraham Lincoln High School - Des Moines

"ZOOM Stereomicroscope:" by Sandra Wilson


February 2007 - South East Warren - Liberty Center

"We Need A Piano:" by Lynnea Young


To purchase a digital concert quality piano which can be easily moved both for classes & concerts.


March 2007 - Parkview Middle School - Ankeny

"Middle School Students in the Spotlight:" by Lindsay Stevenson

To encourage middle school students to become active in their individual reading endeavors and see themselves as members of the greater community of readers.

April 2007 - Hoover High School - Des Moines

"No Child Without a Calculator:" by Maribeth Newman


May 2007 - Carlisle Community School - Carlisle

"Motivating Teens to Read:" by Sara Grieme

Bringing books and a comfortable literary environment to 8th grade students


September 2007 - McKinley School - Des Moines

"Lending Library Multi-Cultural Books:" by Sylvia Becerra

To enhance students academic reading and writing levels by purchasing more bilingual literature for Spanish students.


October 2007 - Summit Middle School- Johnston

"Electronic Resources for Striving Readers" by Linda Hanson

To enhance students academic reading levels by purchasing audio equipment like: MP3 players, CD players, and boom boxes. Students will have the ability to listen to more audio books.


November 2007- South Hamilton - Jewell

"Books for a The Reading Recovery Program" by Cynthia Riedemann

A program which will help the lowest achieving students reach their regular grade levels. The recovering program which is geared to 1st graders is a 20 week program.


December 2007- Earlham High School- Earlham

"Rewards for at Risk Students" by Crystal Lafrentz

They will utilize the money to offer study help to At Risk Students. Students will be offered external incentives to encourage completion of class work.


January 2007- Urbandale High School- Urbandale

"African Culture Kit for Cultural Issues Class" by Sherry Dogruyusever

They will use the $1000 grant by creating a "culture kit" of objects like books and videos to help students understand African cultural.


February 2008 Winner -  Melcher Dallas Jr./Sr. H.S., Melcher-Dallas

"Saints Wellness Kit" by Jon Suntken

The grant will be used to purchase heart monitors.  The students will be able to use these monitors to track their progress while taking part in the Saints Wellness Program.

March 2008 Winner - Newton Senior High School, Newton

"Reading is a Novel Concept" by Sarah Patterson

The grant will be used to enhance the enjoyment of and participation in reading by purchasing more appropriate novels for students in Basic English classes.

April 2008 Winner - Abraham Lincoln High School, Des Moines

"Environmental Science Horticulture Project" by Tim Leonard

The Grant will be used to purchase products needed to build a park on school property that will teach students about the environment and conservation.  In honor of Earth Day, Lincoln's Tim Leonard was also awarded an additional $1,000 Going Green Grant provided by Ford Motor Company.  The going Green Grant will fund the project for next year.

May 2008 Winner - Walnut Creek Campus Alternative School, des Moines

"Charlene's Books" by Kim Tucker     

In Honor of teacher Charlene Reid, who passed away earlier in the year, the grant will be used to purchase children's books for the school's library. These books will be made available for students to check out and take home to read to younger brothers and sisters and to their own children. Half Priced Books has generously helped kick start "Charlenes Books" with a donation of over 300 children's books.

September 2008 Winner - May Goodrell Traditional Plus School, Des Moines

"Teaching the Holocaust: Past Meets Future" by Rebecca Blount

Monies funded a yearlong class which taught children about injustice and tolerance. The class culminated with a visit and school presentation by Marian Blumenthal Laza, author of "Four Perfect Pebbles" and Holocaust Survivor.

October 2008 Winner - Ames Middle school. Ames

"Read Naturally Project." by David Doughan

OCAAT Monies provided students with software programs that combined three research-based strategies into one that would help develop the reading fluency of special education, ELL, Title I and mainstream students.

November 2008 Winner - East Marshall Community School, Le Grand

"Fitness for Exceptional Students." by Jodi Kindergartner & Denny Allen

OCAAT monies provided equipment and essential materials needed to refurbish an old gymnasium into a space where special needs students could use exercise effectively and safely.

December 2008 Winner - St. Pius X School. Urbandale

"Playaways to Engage Students with Reading." by Sheryl Dales

OCAAT Monies purchased a variety of recorded books called "Playaways" for the schools library. The books are not only enjoyable, but the also serve as an effective tool used for teaching students how to read. The recorded voice can be slowed down to the students comfortable reading level and help to improve cognition and understanding of the material.

January 2009 Winner - Jordan Creek Elementary, West Des Moines

"Artists are Everywhere!" by Julie Martinez

OCAAT Monies were utilized to bring in artists from the community to work with the students one on one. to discuss art and working as an artiest. The goals were not only to show students how art applies in the workplace, but to also give them the opportunity to see how artists contribute in positive was to their community.

February 2009 Winner - Indianola Middle School. Indianola

"Real Heroes" by Kathy Turnball and Michael O'Meara

OCAAT Monies funded a REAL Heroes project and classroom set of books written by nationally known speaker, Dennis Denenberger. The goals of the project were to introduce students to heroes of the past and have them identify present day heroes based on their merit and hard work and achievement.

March 2009 Winner - Lincoln Elementary School. Pella

"Early Literacy Skill Building" by Becky Marlow, Donita Smith, Jawnica Kettler

OCAAT Monies provided materials designed to improve the first grade students' skills in the areas of grade level vocabulary, phonics, spelling and reading fluency.

April 2009 Winner - Urbandale Middle School

"TARGET Supplemental Morning Program" by Patty Coppess

OCAAT Monies helped to fund the schools' before school TARGET program which provided students who needed it, extra instruction in reading and math.

May 2009 Winner - Adel-DeSoto-Minburn High school

"Sensory Room for Sever and Profound High School Special Ed Room" by Tammie Seaholm

OCAAT Monies were used to convert an old storage room into a sensory room for special education students. The will is designed to calm or stimulate individuals by activating each of the senses. The use of sensory approaches  and sensory rooms is designed to increase the focus of each individual's unique system's tendencies, patterns and preferences. Time spent in sensory rooms has been shown to increase concentration alertness, calmness and general awareness or one's surroundings.


September 2009 Winner - Cooper Elementary, Fort Dodge

 "Instructional Boards" by Amy Westcot

This proposal calls for the transformation of two room dividers into instructional areas. These would better suit the needs of her school's deaf and hearing impaired students.


October 2009 Winner - Waukee High School. Waukee

 "PAL PE" by Marty Sullivan

PAL PE pairs students with mental and/or physical disabilities with general education students. The students attend community based events and go on group outings to various locations around the metro.


November 2009 Winner -  Newton Christian School, Newton         

 "Accelerated Reading Enterprise" by Mary Sparks

This project seeks support to assist in the implementation of an exciting reading program called Accelerated Reading Enterprise by Renaissance Learning.  The program is a computer site-based reading assessment program for grades K-12 that provides daily formative assessment and progress-monitoring to enhance the schools existing core curriculum.


December 2009 Winner - West Central Valley Elementary, Menlo         

"Project SUCCESS" by Kayla Easter

Project success will directly affect the special education students at West Central Valley Elementary, by providing relevant activities that would help students' better function in the community.


January 2010 Winner - Manning Community School. Manning             

 "Math Night" by Laurie Petersen

Petersen held a math night for her schools 30 third graders. The purpose of the evening would be to build the students math skills through literature, hands-on activities and games.


February 2010 Winner - Pella Community High School

"Near Space Exploration" by James Emmert

An expert will be invited to the school to educate involved faculty on the procedure of flying a payload to near-space via a helium balloon, tracking the balloon during flight and locating the balloon after it returns to Earth.


March 2010 Winner - Gilbert Elementary School                

"Kindergarten Literacy Tubs." by Joni Tickle

Literacy tubs will be created and filled with literacy building games and projects that students could utilize when they have completed their small group reading exercises.


April 2010 Winner - Roosevelt High School                  

 "Moving Past Bilingualism"  by Mindy Euken-Cadenillas

This project will provide these students with a class set of some authentic texts that will help them to explore the unique cultural identity of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States and the ways Hispanics/Latinos have and continue to overcome barriers in their lives to develop their full potential.


May 2010 Winner -South Prairie Elementary School                 

 "Word Work Wizards" by Angela Brouwer

This program addresses phonemic awareness, word attack, and reading fluency skills. Through the use of a language audio card reader, students will develop identification of letters and sounds, initial/final consonant sounds, initial/final blends, vowel digraphs, silent consonants, sight words, rhyming and compound words.


September 2010 Winner - Boone Middle School          

"Podcasting Our Way to Reading: Increasing nonfiction comprehension and fluency" By Jill Janes       

This project will help create classroom podcasts focused on current events news allows students to use technology that speaks to their generation of learners while building complex comprehension and communication skills. The 6th grade podcast project at Boone Middle School will focus not only on regularly bringing current event news into the sixth grade reading classroom, but also on sharing students' perspectives on this news with podcast technology.           


October 2010 Winner - Neveda Community High School               

"Healthy Lifestyles at the NHS Library" By Mary-Lou Haddock

The grant project Healthy Lifestyles at the NHS Library will provide funds to purchase current young adult books, audiovisual items, and promotional materials on nutrition, exercise, and health related subjects.                                                      


November 2010 Winner - East High School      

"Academic Support Lab" By Ashley Schryver, Whitney Wikert & Erika Ramirez


The mission of this project is to create a room in which struggling students can feel a sense of home and community.  Throughout their educational careers, they have not felt they have had a place in the school.  For many of the students, their classroom is the first place in school that they have really felt comfortable.  Many of our students are re-engaged and this is an opportunity for them to be successful.


 December 2010 Winner - Eddyville Blakesburg Community Schools         

"Project Amazon Kindle" By Mrs. April Glosser


This project would enable our school to purchase six Amazon Kindle readers as well as several books to load on the Kindles.  This would allow the students in this small, low socio-economic, rural school the opportunity to be read books while at the same time embracing new technology.


January 2011 Winner - Interstate 35 CSD               

"Lights, Camera, Action! Or Say Cheese" By Julie  Kordick and Hannah Ludwig

The "Lights, Camera, ACTION!" project infuses technology into their school curriculum through the use of digital media.  Students will learn how to create multimedia projects and presentations in many of their classes throughout the school day.  By adding digital cameras to their school's technology resources they can help students express their academic knowledge in many classes through the world of photography and movie making.                                                   


February 2011 Winner - King Academy of Math and Science           

"Rosetta Stone for ESL Students" By Jennifer Rose

The project is to provide a English as a second language students with an independent activity that engages them when the classroom activity doesn't.  An example would be if the students are taking a reading test (weekly occurrence) which takes an hour, the Newcomers will finish in just a few minutes since they cannot yet read enough English to make sense of the test, so having access to the Rosetta Stone would give them an activity that will further his growth in learning English and not require him to sit quietly while the rest of the students finish the test.


March 2011 Winner - Brookeview Elementary              

"Brookview Culture Day" By Sarai Dodge

The Project will help put together a Multicultural Day for Brookview Elementary. The day will highlight the cultural diversity of their school through music, dance, art, storytelling and more. This exciting day of instruction will be split into a half-day event for students. During the day, students will visit multiple sessions including thought-provoking presentations, exciting demonstrations, hands on activities, storytelling, and inspiring music brought to us from parents within our school from many different cultures.


April 2011 Winner - Saint Joseph's Catholic School

"iPads in the Classroom" By Jennifer Simmons

The goal of this project is to provide learning opportunities to our students through the use of Apple iPad Touch instruments. Whether students need help defining a word, locating the lumbar spine, using an interactive map or practicing Spanish vocabulary, there's an application for students to utilize.


May 2011 Winner - Ashland Ridge Elementary

"Art Project" By Allison Krook

This Project is allowing the students of Ashland Ridge Elementary to leave a lasting impression on their school.  The grant will be used to to create a sculputre that all the students will help create.


September 2011 Winner - Pleasantville High School

"Physics Lab" By Barbara Persoon


October 2011 Winner - Brody Middle School

"Positive Prevention" by Judy Pauley


November 2011 Winner - Beaver Creek Elementary

"iPads for Special Education" by Mindy Morris


December 2011 Winner - Webster Elementary

"Math Activities Center" by Elizabeth Whitver


January 2012 Winner - Meredith Middle School

"Welcome to American English" by Michelle Le Blanc


February 2012 Winner - Ogden High School

"MimioVote Assessment System" by Marissa Erickson


March 2012 Winner - CAM Middle School

"Get Fit... Get Smart" by Sandy Booker


April 2012 Winner - Callanan Middle School

"I Have A Dream" by Kristy Dusenbery


May 2012 Winner -


September 2012 Winner - Delaware Elementary

"iPads for Special Education" by Allison Fry


October 2012 Winner - North High School

"Radio TV Film Studies Class" by Joe VanHaecke


November 2012 Winner - Warren G. Harding Middle School

"Share the Mic" by Emily Lang & Kristopher Rollins


December 2012 Winner - Conmigo Early Education Center

"Carpet Replacement and Drumming Program" by Gine Saldana


January 2012 Winner - Colfax Community Preschool

"Leapfrog Leap Pad Explorer's" by Tawnya Vry


February 2013 Winner - Bondurant-Farrar Middle

"Technology in the Garden" by Ed Brown


March 2013 Winner - Indianola High School

"Robotics Competition" by Christine Bertsch


April 2013 Winner - Studebaker Elementry

"Summer Supplemental Supplies" by Chrissy Cox


May 2013 Winner - Clear Creek Elementry

"Clear Creek Cafe" by Austin Peterson


September 2013 Winner - Boone High School

"Marine Biology" by Shannon Lumley

October 2013 Winner - Alden Elementary School

"The Book Bank" by Grace Jones, Megan Qualley, and Mrs. Candi Meyer

November 2013 Winner - Perry High School

"Delta Company" by Eddie Diaz

December 2013 Winner - McCombs Middle School

"Golden Eagles" by Steven Fisher

January 2014 Winner - Perkins Academy

"Conversations Lead to Learning for ELL Students" by Jeni Pulliam

February 2014 Winner - Meredith Middle School

"Interdisciplinary Unit - H2O Oh No!" by Jill Dykstra

March 2014 Winner - Delaware Elementary

"Assistive Technology in the Classroom" by Sarah Quang

April 2014 Winner - Greenwood Elementary School

"Project Real World" by Ried Bentley

May 2014 Winner - Johnston Middle School

"Fitness Package" by Eric Shafer


September 2014 Winner - Goodrell Middle School

"Self-Identity" by Ruby Herrera

October 2014 Winner - Jordan Creek Elementary

"Engaging Struggling Readers" by Ms. Susan Healy

November 2014 Winner - Wright Elementary

"Shadow Dancing with Co'Motion Dance Theater" by Jessica Walker, Erin Jennings, Lindsay Schryver

December 2014 Winner - Central Elementary

"Inclusion and Acceptance" by Vanessa Huber and Emily Kruse

January 2015 Winner - Moulton Elementary

"Cultural Night" by Kelly Militello

February 2015 Winner - Roosevelt High School

"Bringing Text to Life" by Emily Bollinger

March 2015 Winner - Central Campus

"First Impressions Count!" by Kirsten McCollaugh


April 2015 Winner - Hoyt Middle School

"FOCUS Program" by Michelle Hathaway


May 2015 Winner - Hoover High School

"Multi Media Program" by Sarah Hamilton





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