Gov. Jay Inslee explains why he wants to be president

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URBANDALE — In a crowded field of Democrats running for president, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee believes he’s the best chance the United States has to defeat the climate crisis.

In a sit-down interview with Local 5, Inslee emphasized the need to combat the climate crisis.

“We have this one chance to save ourselves from massive floods, massive fires, inundation of our sea coasts, more diseases moving north… So, when you have a last chance you take it,” said Inslee.

Inslee says that Washington is seeing greener pastures under his governance. He recently signed a clean electrical bill into law that will help the state wean itself from coal by 2025 and create jobs.

“I am a governor who said ‘we need to defeat climate change and we need to put 8 million people to work to do it,” said Inslee.

Inslee also shared his thoughts on other hot-button topics, such as women’s reproductive rights President Trump’s tariffs on China and Mexico. 

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