Kurt Cobain’s iconic green sweater sold for $334K


The sweater hasn’t been washed since the last time he wore it in 1993.

Does it smell like teen spirit? That’s what some are wondering after Kurt Cobain’s iconic green sweater sold for $334,000 this weekend.

The sweater was posted on Julien’s Auctions on Friday. The auction closed later Saturday.

Cobain wore the sweater at Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged session, which was filmed five months before he died by suicide, and has become a six-figure piece of pop culture history.

After Cobain’s death, the sweater was gifted to his daughter’s nanny, who kept it until falling on hard financial times while battling cancer five years ago, according to Rolling Stone. With the family’s blessing she auctioned it off, and it went for $137,500.

However, the owner is so scared to let anything happen to it – he leaves the sweater in a locked gun safe in rural Pennsylvania – that after five years he will auction it off again this weekend.

The owner told Rolling Stone it has never been washed, and has a brown, crunchy stain in one of its pockets — which could be chocolate, coffee, or yes, vomit.

Despite that — or maybe because of it — the sweater was sold.

Several other Nirvana memorabilia are also up for auction. Fans can bid on Cobain’s custom-built Fender Mustang guitar and a signed note from Courtney Love as well as the recording agreement Nirvana signed with The Geffen Company on December 22, 1992.

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