5OYS: What’s your city’s code on keeping pets?

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DES MOINES – 26 cats and kittens were found to be living inside a one-bedroom apartment in Des Moines. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa has the animals right now, and is caring for their medical needs.

According to Des Moines city code, residents are permitted to only have six cats in their homes. In West Des Moines, you can have four. Different rules may apply to apartments, homeowner’s associations, and similar properties.

In Johnston, the maximum number of dogs, cats, rabbits, and potbellied pigs or animals or fowl of this nature is four adult animals in any combination belonging to the owner of the principal use. There is no limit to the number of smaller animals that may be kept in the dwelling unit.

Ankeny residents can have up to a combination of four cats and dogs. 

Many Iowa cities require owners to vaccinate and register their animals for a fee.

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