Bee Hive Thieves Caught on Camera

A sticky situation caught on camera, in broad daylight.
It happened in a highly visible clover field, right next to I-35 and HWY 141.  In the surveillance video obtained by Local 5 News, you can see the Volkswagen keeping watch while the white truck drives up, takes the items in the field, and races the other way.  
What’s all this buzz about?  Bees.  Thousands of bees.  And their hives, too.
“Each one of those hives if they were loaded with honey weight between 250 and 350 pounds,”  Rob Taylor, Bee Keeper and State Lawmaker, said.
Taylor and his family own Iowa Honey Company. 
“This was the closest thing that I could do to get them close to agriculture without living in the country,” Taylor said.
They have two hives at their home in West Des Moines, and their supply is growing. 
“I actually have 10 more hives coming and they’ll be here on May 13th and I’ll be placing them all around central Iowa and getting them started.”
The two that were on this palette in Grimes have been here for a year.  That means they were full of honey.  Thousands of dollars worth of honey.  
“There is really good money in bee keeping once you get established and people pay good money for unpasteurized honey,” Taylor said.

The first year of a new hive is the hardest.. And takes the most work. After that, they’re self sufficient, making what was once here a pretty appealing target.

“I think it was somebody into bee keeping knew what to do knew how to pick the bee hives up and leave with them,” Taylor said.

It’s apparently a growing problem.  But that’s not stopping Taylor.

“It’s been a great experience and I wouldn’t let something like this prohibit me from doing it.”

He say he wants to continue to educate people about the bee shortage being a growing problem.  Plus, it’s a business.  In the end, he has one goal.

“We want to find our bees and get them home.  That’s all we want to do,” Taylor said.

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